About Us

The Team


Andy Joshi and Amanda Joshi are a husband and wife photography team who have been helping people capture important memories since 2008.


Anand Joshi handles the technical and creative front-end aspects of the team – using his knowledge of lighting, angles, and composition to grab the perfect shot each time.

Amanda Joshi uses her years of art school training to create great setups and develop “images with impact” during the post processing phase.


Our Process

Unlike other photographers who use a “run and gun” approach, we take pride in our approach which relies on the following steps:


1. Consult

During the initial consultation, we discuss the results you’d like to see from your shoot. We listen, take notes, and use this information to make sure you end up with exactly the pictures you want.

2. Create

Using our notes from step one, we follow our plan to set up and capture all the shots you need. We also will throw in some creative ideas of our own so that you’re never left with a picture set that falls flat.

3. Refine

After the shoot, this is were the real magic happens. During the post processing phase, we apply our refinements to really bring out the best in your photos.



Want to Know More?

For more information on us or to schedule a consultation to discuss your upcoming project, feel free to contact us here or call us direct at (847) 924-2886.